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You will be rattled. You will be scared. You will WANT OUT.

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Ok, Seriously. If you’ve been to the Nightmare on My Street Haunted House in the past – you know it’s scary. But this year is extra special. As I tested the sound on Sunday, and we rehearsed the scene — my bones and stomach literally rattled. I felt confined. I was worried, what was about to drop… wouldn’t actually stop. Sparks flew. My heart raced. I WANTED OUT. I felt kind of silly because this is when I KNEW what was going to happen next. 

A favorite time of year.

Let me tell you, it’s a WHOLE lot of work for the Petrie and Griffin families: evil planning, building, decorating. casting, promoting, sound, automation, photography, set-up, 6 hours of scaring our visitors, and then… take it all down and store for next year. This truly takes not only our effort but a community of helpers.

Why do we do it?

The whole process brings together a community of family, friends, and neighbors together to help build, promote, and share in the spirit of a good scare. But more importantly, we love to organize a donation to Seattle Children’s Hospital for uncompensated care. BE A PART OF IT. Join us this Saturday 10/27. Your donation will help kids like this:

Do yourself a favor, Don’t miss it.