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5 Core Guidelines for Creating Logos

  |   Design

There are a lot of different designers who use a specific method of creating the perfect logo.

Over the last 12 years, I’ve stuck to the following 5 core guidelines when creating logos and brands.

  • Distinction. Does the logo stand out? That does not necessarily mean it needs to be trendy, but it does need to be unique. Longevity is the goal.
  • Black and White. Does the logo stand out in black and white or does it need color to survive? We believe that a great logo should be able to stand strong without relying on color or gradient.
  • Simplicity. Some of the most effective logos are quite simple. It is not always detail or realism that produces the best logo, but the execution of a purposeful mark.
  • One Message. The logo should present a clear message to its viewer. Incorporating multiple ideas can be confusing and distracting, the logo should be recognizable right away.
  • Appropriate. Above all the logo should make sense. If the logo is for an audience of children it should not feel corporate and professional, it should be fun and playful.